The day after we returned home the moving and storage company delivered our belongings, and we began the task of putting things away.  We also went to the local market to stock up on essential groceries.  In the following days, there were many things to attend to, including ordering a new phone; purchasing some pots […]

(Baker – Barstow – Victorville – San Bernardino – Arcadia) “Having slept well, we made ourselves ready and at 8:00 a.m. went across to the adjacent Bun Boy Restaurant for our last meal on the road.  Afterwards, we took off on Interstate 15 under a hot and sunny sky; ‘squeezed’ between Soda Lake (dry as […]

(St. George – North Las Vegas – Boulder City – Las Vegas – Baker) “We left St. George and headed to the Nevada state line in Mesquite, looping briefly into Arizona on the way.  Running southwest on Interestate 15 and strictly observing the 55 mph speed limit, there really wasn’t anything to see at all; […]

(Jacob Lake – Grand Canyon, North Rim – Zion National Park – St. George) “We left Jacob Lake and drove south for roughly 50 kilometers to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  As my father used to say, ‘This is where I was never!’  First, we drove through thick pine forests with a beautiful […]

(Flagstaff – Grand Canyon, South Rim – Jacob Lake) “We left Flagstaff and drove west-northwest through spotty pine forests and arrived in Williams where we had scheduled a major deviation from good old Route 66.  Consequently, we turned north onto Route 64 and drove up the lonesome trail and through the southern section of the […]

(Navajo – Winslow – Flagstaff) “We started off on Route 66 and headed to the Painted Desert National Monument, looking at the beautiful vistas – all green and red-brown.  It must be quite a sight after the first spring rain when all blossoms forth almost overnight.  After circling around, we drove south across Interstate 40 […]

(Santa Rosa – Albuquerque – Navajo) “We left Santa Rosa at 8:20 a.m. on a relatively cool, clear morning and drove west on Route 66, 128 kilometers to Moriarty, the scenery hither and yon being even more of the same as heretofore.  Turning to the northwest, we continued for a further 42 kilometers to a […]

(McLean – Amarillo – Santa Rosa) “We got away around 9:30 a.m. on a morning of high clouds with the thermometer hovering at 82°F/28°C and threatening to go even higher as the day wore on.  As to the day wearing on, it was yet more of the same type of sparse country, hour after weary […]

(Bristow – Oklahoma City – McLean) “We left Bristow at 9 a.m. on a sunny 74°F/23°C morning.  At 10:35 a.m. we passed the marker for the Eastern Boundary of the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, where at noon on April 22nd in that fateful year, the army opened up the territory to the first white […]

(Strafford – Joplin – Baxter Springs – Tulsa – Bristow) “As we started west on Route 66, the weather was sunny and 77°F/24°C, and we drove for mile after mile with very little change in scenery.  First we bypassed Springfield and continued on to Joplin, where we filled up with gas.  We drove west and […]