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Day 35 — April 30, 1974

(Bournemouth) My father offered to cook supper tonight, so after breakfast my parents walked to the shops to get the ingredients they needed.  For the most part, they were able to, except for one: noodles.  For some reason, which my father could never figure out, noodles were only sold at this local shop in the […]

Day 34 — April 29, 1974

(Bournemouth – Woodlands – Bournemouth) After our “regular” morning routine of breakfast and its clean up, other chores, and lunch, we headed over to my father’s aunt’s house for tea.  My great-aunt lived in the village of Woodlands within the parish of Netley Marsh (the name most likely derived from the Old English “naet” and […]

Day 33 — April 28, 1974

(Bournemouth) The Tooth Fairy found me at my grandmother’s house in England overnight and left 10p under my pillow in exchange for the tooth I lost yesterday.  My parents told me that the Tooth Fairy in England had a mustache, which made me suspicious of my cousin, who came back over today for lunch and, […]

Day 32 — April 27, 1974

(Bournemouth) The little bungalow in Bournemouth, which at first housed only a woman and her dog, had expanded four days ago to include the three of us.  It was bursting at the seams today with the temporary addition of five more adults and two 9-month old babies. Mid-morning, my father’s brother and his family arrived […]

Day 31 — April 26, 1974

(Bournemouth) Despite a cloudy, rainy, and cold day (45°F/7°C), we took an exploratory walk around the local neighborhood after breakfast.  Meat, fish, groceries, vegetables and bread, etc., were purchased on a daily basis as needed from completely separate and independent establishments.  Therefore, we saw the butcher, the grocer, the green grocer, the baker, the post […]

Day 30 — April 25, 1974

(Bournemouth) My father earned his keep today by doing quite a few odd jobs around the house, while my mother and I stayed out of the way and did our laundry at the launderette at the bottom of the hill.  Mid-morning my grandmother received her delivery of free-range eggs from the Egg Man, some of […]

Day 29 — April 24, 1974

(Bournemouth) We woke up this morning to the sounds of daily life in Bournemouth.  It began with the birds singing at the top of their lungs; we heard the morning newspaper being delivered; we saw the schoolchildren in their matching uniforms heading off to school; we heard the milkman in his little electric cart making […]

Day 28 — April 23, 1974

(Southampton – Bournemouth) The first order of business for my father this morning was to head to the first class card room on the Quarter Deck at 7:30 a.m. to meet with the Customs official in regards to the documentation and insurance for the car.  He wanted to see the car’s California registration, and in […]

Day 27 — April 22, 1974

(QE2 – Atlantic Ocean – Cherbourg – Southampton) The morning of our sixth day on the water passed much like the others in a rather lazy fashion.  We listened to the noon whistle for the last time as the coast of France appeared on the horizon and to our right (starboard).  Just after lunch the […]

Day 26 — April 21, 1974

(QE2 – Atlantic Ocean) We changed our clocks for the last time on our trip across the Atlantic to British Summer Time, 8 hours ahead of the time at home in California.  The water continued calm; the skies were clear; and our movements about the ship were about the same as the day before. The […]