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Day 127 — July 31, 1974

(Tampere) Our first morning in Finland we had a “voileipäpöyta aamiainen” (sandwich buffet breakfast) of cheese and meats along with bread, butter, and jam, not to mention good, hot coffee served from copper kettles.   Thus fortified, we headed out to see the open-air Pyynikin Kesäteatteri (Pyynikki Summer Theatre), a unique, 800-seat revolving auditorium mounted on […]

Day 126 — July 30, 1974

(Stockholm – Norrtälje – Maarianhamina – Turku – Tampere) We were up very early this morning; ate our breakfast as soon as the restaurant opened; and then got in the car and drove to Norrtälje to catch the ferry for Finland.  We arrived at the terminal at 8:35 a.m., and by 9:00 a.m. the crew hard […]

Day 125 — July 29, 1974

(Stockholm – Sigtuna – Uppsala – Stockholm) Today we visited the oldest city in the country, Sigtuna, which was founded in 980.  Of particular interest here was the oldest street in the country, Stora Gatan; the 12th century churches of Sankt Lars, Sankt Per, and Sankt Olof, all three in ruins; and the 13th century […]

Day 124 — July 28, 1974

(Stockholm) Today we started out by visiting the Millesgården, a sculpture garden and museum, which was located at the former home of the artist Carl Milles (1875-1955).  We wandered around the property enjoying the view and also the many sculptures, which my father stated was a “pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning”. Afterwards, we […]

Day 123 — July 27, 1974

(Stockholm) We spent the entire day at Drottningholms slott (Drottningholm Palace), which was built in 1662.  From the outside the palace had a country house-look about it, pale yellow in color with a “crunchy” yellow gravel forecourt between it and the formal gardens in the rear.  Inside, the rooms were elaborately decorated and more or […]

Day 122 — July 26, 1974

(Stockholm) Our first stop today was at the 18th century Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace), which consisted of 608 rooms, of which we were permitted to see only the one “apartment” consisting of 11 rooms belonging to Marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who later became King Carl XIV Johan of Sweden.  We went through the Bernadottevågen (Bernadotte […]

Day 121 — July 25, 1974

(Stockholm) We drove by the 19th century Operan (Opera House), built on the site of the previous opera house where King Gustav III was assassinated in 1792.  We continued past the Nordiska museet (Nordic Museum) until we found a place to park. We first visited the Wasavarvet (Wasa Museum) to view the warship Wasa which […]

Day 120 — July 24, 1974

(Stockholm) We returned to the same place we had parked the day before and then set off on foot past the 16th century Birger Jarls torn (Birger Jarl’s Tower), which was a bastion named after the city’s attributed founding father.  We went inside the 13th century Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholm Church), which was the burial place for […]

Day 119 — July 23, 1974

(Arboga – Eskilstuna – Strängnäs – Stockholm) Leaving Arboga behind us, the first city of any size that we came to was Eskilstuna, home of the Swedish iron and steel industry with six of the original 17th century forges still there.  We then drove to Strängnäs and saw its 13th century Strängnäs domkyrka (Strängnäs Cathedral), […]

Day 118 — July 22, 1974

(Leksand – Örebro – Arboga) After one last exceptional breakfast, we left Leksand and continued our travels through Sweden.  Almost at once the scenery returned to long, straight, well-maintained roads with nothing but trees in a never-ending rolling landscape.  Mid-morning the weather changed somewhat and clouded over; the wind started to blow; and a light […]