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Day 219 — October 31, 1974

(Sarajevo – Ruma) “Being anxious to get started and on our way, the first order of business after settling our affairs with management, was to ‘rescue’ the car from the clutches of Jack Frost.  Borrowing an improvised ‘scraper’ from the desk, I headed outside to survey the circumstances.  Lo and behold, the poor thing was […]

Day 218 — October 30, 1974

(Dubrovnik – Ostrozač – Sarajevo) Leaving Dubrovnik we made our way northwest up the Dalmatian Coast turning inland and north near Opuzen and continued on to Jablanica.  “Outside the village of Ostrozač in Боснa и Херцеговина (Bosnia and Herzegovina) we emerged from a tunnel, and saw Jablaničko Jezero (Jablanica Lake), an enormous man-made green lake […]

Day 217 — October 29, 1974

(Dubrovnik) “This is an especially fine Italian-type old walled city – beautifully proportioned.  The well-guarded western gate had a drawbridge over the moat with old chains, a ratchet along the wall, and what looked like cannon balls in iron straps as counterweights.  The streets themselves appear to be limestone, and the buildings were all of […]

Day 216 — October 28, 1974

(Petrovac Na Moru – Cetinje – Kotor – Dubrovnik) Our first stop of the day was at the city of Цетиње (Cetinje), where we saw the wooden Royal Palace of King Nikola, the 19th century Biljarda (Billiards Palace) of Vladika Petar II, the 18th century Цетињски манастир (Cetinje Manastir/Cetinje Monastery) with its square Tablja Tower, […]

Day 215 — October 27, 1974

(Kosovska Mitrovica – Ribariće – Virpazar – Petrovac Na Moru) “Shortly after passing through the village of Ribariće1 we caught sight of the Albanian Alps.  Here the vistas were staggeringly beautiful – just like a gigantic old-fashioned Christmas card.  The fir trees (still green, of course) and the beeches (still yellow and rust), partly covered […]

Day 214 — October 26, 1974

(Florina – Prilep – Skopje – Kosovska Mitrovica) We drove north straight to the border at Νίκη (Niki) approximately 16 kilometers away.  Our passports were stamped by the Greek border agent, and without looking inside the car at all, we were waved on through.  Once in Меџитлија (Medžitlija) in Југославија (Jugoslavija/Yugoslavia)1, the border agent there […]

Day 213 — October 25, 1974

(Kalabaka – Metéora –Florina) “We headed more or less due north to Μετέωρα (Metéora), where we started to examine first one and then another of these unique, almost impossible monasteries up close – or as close as we could get that is.  Altogether there were six of the original 24 still extant, and all different, […]

Day 212 — October 24, 1974

(Psathopyrgos – Rion – Missolonghi – Arta – Ioannina – Kalabaka) We drove southwest directly to Rion and took the 15-minute ferry ride across the Gulf of Patras.1  On the other side, we took the highway to Μεσολόγγι (Mesolongi/Missolonghi) arriving there mid-morning.  “Here we saw an old fortress wall, complete with ancient cannon.  We literally […]

Day 211 — October 23, 1974

(Athens – Corinth – Patras – Psathopyrgos) “We were approaching the Isthmus of Corinth, and I could see several ‘turnouts’ in the solid rock walls for little boats.  What a good idea (and what a lot of extra work)!  This canal, with the Temple of Poseidon nearby, runs parallel to the old Isthmian Wall, beside […]

Day 210 — October 22, 1974

(Athens) Parking in the same location as yesterday, we followed the “Ancient Agora” sign and proceeded to walk downhill and carefully down the steep steps directly into the Ancient (Hellenic) Agora, the forum-marketplace of the original Greek city-state that was established in 159 BC.   Here we visited the 10th century Αγιοι Αποστολοι Αθηνα (Agii Apostoli/Church […]