Day 477 — July 16, 1975

(Navajo – Winslow – Flagstaff)

“We started off on Route 66 and headed to the Painted Desert National Monument, looking at the beautiful vistas – all green and red-brown.  It must be quite a sight after the first spring rain when all blossoms forth almost overnight.  After circling around, we drove south across Interstate 40 and all the way down through the Petrified Forest proper, stopping briefly at the various points of interest along the way.  I particularly liked the ‘mushroom’-like rocks and the ‘pedestal’ table formations known as the ‘Tepees’, as well as the single complete tree trunks in and around the Rainbow Forest that stand out so dramatically from the total jumble of broken rocks all around.  These petrified trees date from the Triassic Period – 200 to 180 million years ago.”

“We crossed the Little Colorado River and passed through Holbrook, a ‘frontier’-type town if ever I saw one; Joseph City; and Winslow, a ‘one-horse’ town with only a small main street where we stopped for gas.  We continued to the northwest through Winona and on to Flagstaff, home of the Lowell Observatory where the planet Pluto was discovered in 1930.  Coming into town from the northeast, we more or less followed Santa Fe Avenue all the way through to the Historic Railroad District.”

“We stayed overnight in Flagstaff and ate at a nearby Mexican café where we had three complete taco dinners, two coffees, and a Pepsi.  During the meal it started to rain and rain and rain – a real thunder shower no less, and we actually had to puddle-jump back to the hotel for an evening of color TV watching.”

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