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Day 340 — March 1, 1975

(Laon – Lille – Dunkerque – Calais – Dover – Dymchurch) “We drove to Lille, which is only 13 kilometers from the border with Belgium.  The whole city quite naturally had a very Belgian appearance about it with many old, old houses (some half-timbered), quite a lot of them with stepped-up roofs (like the warehouses […]

Day 339 — February 28, 1975

(Versailles – Rueil-Malmaison – Château-Thierry – Reims – Laon) “Our final tariff for eight nights’ lodging along with dinners, breakfasts, transportation, and entrance fees brought our Paris total to 1,691.45FF ($405.95 or for all practical purposes $17 per person per day1); not too bad really for three people in this day and age.” “We were […]

Day 338 — February 27, 1975

(Paris) “After first walking completely around the Opéra we headed to the Église St. Roche.  We entered and took a good look around seeing the tomb of André Le Nôtre; as well as that of the Abbé de l’Epée, who invented Old French Sign Language, the symbols of his universal alphabet engraved around the pedestal […]

Day 337 — February 26, 1975

(Versailles) “We first made the progression through the triple courtyards, the approach to which forms the most impressive part of the exterior of the Palace proper, entering the delicate main gates into the Avant-Cour or Cour des Ministres.  Then there was quite a steep climb over heavy, patterned bricks past the equestrian statue of Louis […]

Day 336 — February 25, 1975

(Paris) “Today we once again visited the Left Bank and saw the Église St. Germain des Prés, the oldest church in Paris, dating as it does from as far back as 558.  Here we did our best to look at the burial places of the Merovingian Kings, unfortunately all the inscriptions were either in Old […]

Day 335 — February 24, 1975

(Paris) “We went first to the Pavillon Denon, the main entrance of the Palais du Louvre (named for Dominique Denon, Napoléon’s choice for the museum’s first curator), and bought tickets to the Musées Nationaux.  Electing to forego the Greco-Roman antiquities, other than to pass directly through the halls, we went upstairs first to the Egyptian […]

Day 334 — February 23, 1975

(Paris) “We started by walking up the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe, where we completely circled the Place Charles de Gaulle and looked at the 100 stones representing the Hundred Days; the tablets listing the names of 660 generals; the shields enumerating Napoléon’s 142 different battles; the 400 life-sized statues; and the central archway […]

Day 333 — February 22, 1975

(Paris) “We started our day at the Musée Carnavalet, which displayed a collection of items telling the history of the city. The first entry hall contained antique street and trade signs from old, old Paris; then room-by-room we moved around a small central patio through the various eras.  In no particular order we saw Lafayette’s […]

Day 332 — February 21, 1975

(Paris) “It was a beautiful morning for sightseeing under a blue sky, little white clouds, and bright sunshine.  From our hotel we boarded a bus; transferred to the Paris Métro; exited at the Préfecture de Police; and came up inside the crowded and bustling courtyard therein.  On crossing the minute quadrangle and exiting through the […]

Day 331 — February 20, 1975

(Compiègne – Chantilly – Saint-Denis – Maisons-Laffitte – St. Germain-en-Laye – Versailles) “We headed south through Chantilly, the famous lacemaking center, and came face to face with the famous château that stands in its own moat/lake and more or less straddles two islands.  After a couple of hours’ drive we arrived in Saint-Denis in the […]