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Day 179 — September 21, 1974

(West Berlin – Dresden – Kladno) We left West Berlin as we had a few months earlier traveling along the Berlin Corridor towards “the West”, however this time we followed the “Transit Praha” (Transit Prague) signs and merged onto that road after a few kilometers.  We noticed that East Germany seemed to be a copy […]

Day 178 — September 20, 1974

(West Berlin – East Berlin – West Berlin) We began our sightseeing by taking the Berlin Untergrundbahn to the Hallesches Tor station and then walked  towards the Übergang fur Ausländer (crossing point for foreigners), more commonly known as Checkpoint “Charlie”.  We easily crossed over into East Berlin and continued walking to the Pergamonmuseum (Pergamon Museum). […]

Day 177 — September 19, 1974

(West Berlin) “Still thinking in terms of driving leisurely through East Germany, I inquired at the concierge desk as to how I should go about getting the requisite vouchers and such-like.  He was rather dubious about my even trying to do so; nevertheless he wrote down the address of a travel agency that handled such […]

Day 176 — September 18, 1974

(Poznań – Świecko – Frankfurt an der Oder – West Berlin) About an hour out of Poznań we pulled over to the side of the road, so that my father could add a quart of oil to the engine as he felt the level was a little low.  While he did that, my mother opened one […]

Day 94 — June 28, 1974

(Hamburg – Lübeck – Kiel – Schleswig – Flensburg – Åbenrå – Kolding – Bramdrupdam) We started our day driving northeast to the city of Lübeck, first seeing its magnificent sunken city gate, the 15th century Holstentor (Holsten Gate), double turreted with the center arch slightly sunken, giving the whole ensemble a slightly listing effect. […]

Day 93 — June 27, 1974

(Hamburg) We started our walking tour of Hamburg right after breakfast, and the first sight we came to was the Bismarck-Denkmal  (Bismarck Monument) erected in 1906 and dedicated to Otto von Bismarck, the Prussian statesman.  We walked past the 19th century Anglican Church of Thomas à Becket; the Alsterarkaden shopping area, which was built in […]

Day 92 — June 26, 1974

(Eilvese – Bremen – Hamburg) We started our day with a long drive north through a primarily agricultural area arriving late morning at the river port city of Bremen.  We found a place to park near the 11th century St. Petri Dom zu Bremen (St. Peter’s Cathedral), which was undergoing extensive restoration and was completely […]

Day 91 — June 25, 1974

(West Berlin – Berlin Corridor – Helmstedt – Wolfsburg – Hanover – Eilvese) There were a few more places my father wanted to see before we left Berlin, starting with the 16th century Zitadelle Spandau (Spandau Citadel).  Nearby was Spandau Prison, built in the 19th century with matching architecture to the Zitadelle.  Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s […]

Day 90 — June 24, 1974

(West Berlin) We took the U-Bahn to the 17th century Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace), which was built in 1695 and named after Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Friedrich I, King of Prussia.  In the Cour d’Honneur (Court of Honor) in front was a statue of their son, Friedrich Wilhelm I, the Grosse Kurfürst (Elector) of […]

Day 89 — June 23, 1974

(West Berlin – East Berlin – West Berlin) After breakfast this morning we decided to take our first guided bus tour.  Having made arrangements at our hotel, we boarded the bus mid-morning and started on our way.  We crossed into East Berlin at Checkpoint “Charlie”, the crossing point for the Diplomatic Corps., Western Occupation Forces, […]