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Day 316 — February 5, 1975

(Lizarza – San Sebastián – Pasajes – St. Jean de Luz – Biarritz – Bayonne – Pau – Pontacq) “Entering San Sebastián we drove through the city with our sights set on seeing the Castillo de la Mota on Monte Urgull, which Wellington stormed in 1813.  We also drove out and around La Concha Bay, […]

Day 315 — February 4, 1975

(Dueñas – Burgos – Pamplona – Lizarza) “We drove to Burgos over a fairly good road, which has not always been the case here in Spain; and the first thing we saw was the massive Arco de Santa Maria, a 16th century city gate/prison.  The cathedral is far more Northern European-looking than anything we’ve seen […]

Day 314 — February 3, 1975

(Oviedo – Valladolid – Dueñas) “We left town in quite a bit of moderate fog, the road twisting and turning up and down, narrow and bumpy all the way for over 60 kilometers.  Finally, the fog lifted as we started to work our way up towards the pass into or onto the upper plateau, the […]

Day 313 — February 2, 1975

(Órdenes – La Coruña – Cabo Cebes – Gijón – Oviedo) “We headed north to La Coruña, a modern-type seaport with quite extensive harbor installations.  It was here that Columbus’s Santa Maria was built and also from whence Phillip II’s Armada set sail in 1588 for the English Channel.” “We then headed in a northeasterly […]

Day 312 — February 1, 1975

(Buçaco – Santiago de Compostela – Órdenes) “Arriving at the 1,000-year old village of Valença do Minho, we found ourselves at the end of the longest border line-up we’ve seen for quite a while.  During the half-hour delay we gradually worked our way to the head of the line, at which point I was asked […]

Day 306 — January 26, 1975

(Aroche – Rosal de la Frontera – Vila Verde De Ficalho – Lisbon) “Having spent the night only 23 kilometers from the border, it was a short drive to Rosal de la Frontera, the last town in Spain.  It was a good job we hadn’t tried to make it to Lisbon last night, as I […]

Day 305 — January 25, 1975

(Seville – Niebla – Aroche) “We headed towards Seville’s famous white and yellow bullring, La Maestranza, which is tall, delicate, and right in the heart of the city.  We drove around until we found a parking spot and then headed to the Cathedral, which we circled on foot just to get an overall view, eventually […]