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Day 226 — November 7, 1974

(Ljubljana – Hochosterwitz – Seiersberg) “We drove approximately 45 kilometers from our motel to the Yugoslav customs station where the officer was polite but brief and simply checked our papers and waved us on with no further formalities.  Pulling away smartly as directed, we rounded a blind corner and immediately entered the south end of […]

Day 225 — November 6, 1974

(Postojna – Ljubljana) “Our first stop of the day was at the Postojnska jama (Postojna Caves).  On entering it was considerably warmer inside than out – 8°C/46°F compared to 3°C/38°F – as we climbed aboard a little electric train of open, flatbed cars with two-abreast seating and four or five rows of bench-like seats to […]

Day 224 — November 5, 1974

(Zagreb – Rijeka – Postojna) “Since the car had been ‘coughing’ and ‘choking’ a little yesterday afternoon when we were sightseeing, I decided that before I did anything else, I’d better take out my tools and check the fuel line to see if it was blocked.  After a struggle I managed to get the rubber […]

Day 223 — November 4, 1974

(Belgrade – Zagreb) “We’d hardly gotten the car properly warmed up before we were stopped on the motorway just over 10 minutes later by the traffic police and made to turn left across the highway and pull into an access road where we were turned around, along with one other car, and told to park […]

Day 222 — November 3, 1974

(Belgrade) “Today we went to the Народни музеј (Narodni Muzej/National Museum), the first floor of which was devoted to Prehistoric and Ancient Archaeology and contained items from the Greek and Roman periods, as well as quite a lot of pottery.  The second floor was mainly concerned with the development of the Slavic People, Medieval Art, […]

Day 221 — November 2, 1974

(Belgrade) “As we drove into Belgrade today I noticed that there appeared to be enough gas stations for everyone with plenty of local gasoline, but only imported oil for sale.  The stores in the main streets were beautifully displayed and full of western goods for sale, and the people window-shopping looked well-off enough to patronize […]

Day 220 — November 1, 1974

(Ruma – Belgrade) This morning we continued on the motorway towards the capital city of Београд (Beograd/Belgrade) and stopped mid-morning at a hotel in the suburb of Нови Београд (Novi Beograd/New Belgrade), which would be our home base for the next couple of days.  After we brought our bags in and freshened up a little, […]